Executive Leadership In Currency


Tania CarriereTANIA CARRIERE has been inspiring leadership discovery for over 18 years in North America, the UK and France. She is a leader in the field of Leadership Development and renewal, specializing in Employee Engagement, Cultural and Strategic Change Mangement and Organizational Learning. As founder of Advivum Inc, she brings extensive knowledge and skill to create the deeply engaging and experiential learning environments needed to effect behavioral change. As a coach, Tania brings an in-depth knowledge of organizational development and business practices to her highly intuitive and candid style. Understanding that leadership requires both business acumen and personal courage, Tania has helped many leaders circumvent roadblocks and achieve their business targets. Based in Ottawa Canada, Tania, who is fully bilingual in English and French, has workeed and traveled extensively around the world.

Aub ChapmanAUB CHAPMAN is the Director of Aub Chapman Consulting Services Pty Ltd, which provides specialist consulting in the areas of controls against financial crimes (fraud, money laundering, financing of terrorism and corruption) and management of cash services. The company consults in both the public and private sectors. Aub was a career banker with over 42 years of professional experience. In his last formal position in Westpac, as Chief Manager Operational Control, he was responsible for managing the Westpac Group’s Fraud Control unit, Physical Security operations, Business Continuity Services and compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Suppression of Financing of Terrorism legislation as well as Cash and ATM services. Aub was one of several industry representatives who were instrumental in major changes to the commercial banks’ role in the Australian cash industry and has participated as a speaker at a number of ICCOS and Currency Conferences.

Marci ChavezMARCI CHAVEZ graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University in 1990, and a few years later earned her CPA certification. She has worked for 3+ years in Public Accounting firms in Audit in both Waco and Dallas, Texas, as well as working as Controller for a Business Insurance/Risk Management company. She joined Currency Systems International (CSI) in 1996 as an Accountant and later became CFO. De La Rue bought CSI in 2001, and she played a key role in completing the transaction and the following transition within De La Rue. She left De La Rue in 2002 and helped Richard Haycock organize Currency Research. After serving as CFO, Vice President and Sponsor Coordinator positions, she was promoted in 2011 to Currency Research’s President and CFO. Marci also serves as the Treasurer of the International Association of Currency Affairs and is a member of the ATMIA Cash Council.

Gerry Gaetz

GERRY GAETZ is the President & CEO of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA). Mr. Gaetz holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa and is a Certified General Accountant. He joined the CPA in March 2013, following a distinguished career of progressive and varied executive leadership at the Bank of Canada.  From 2008 to 2013, Mr. Gaetz served as Chief of Currency, responsible for the Bank of Canada’s currency function, including the development and launch of Canada’s new polymer banknote series, as well as retail payments-related economic research.  Previously at the Bank, he held positions of Chief of Banking Operations where he was responsible for domestic and international banking operations and funds manage­ment, and Chief of Corporate Services where he was responsible for the Bank’s Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Security functions. In 2012, Mr. Gaetz was appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Banks Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG) by the G10 Central Bank Governors. In addition, he has been a member of the Board of the Canadian Police College and the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA), as well as a Director of a Canadian charity organization.

Ken HaycockKEN HAYCOCK is Research Professor of Management and Organization in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Since 1991, he has been senior partner with Ken Haycock & Associates Inc., focusing on authentic leadership and governance, strategic human resources management and executive searches. Recent consultancies have included leadership development, review of organizational structures and training for board members. Ken is also Professor Emeritus at San Jose State University and at the University of British Columbia. Previously he was a member of the senior management team of a $700m not-for-profit organization with 7,000 employees at 115 sites. In his community, Ken has been an elected school board member and chair and municipal counselor. Active in professional and government associations and agencies, Ken has been honored by several national and international associations for teaching, research and service and was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Medal by the Governor-General of Canada for contributions to Canadian society. He holds master’s degrees in Business Administration, Education and Library and Information Science and a doctorate in administration and leadership.

Richard HaycockRICHARD HAYCOCK has over 25 years of experience within the currency industry, and has devoted his time to increasing the education, communication and community within this industry. With a degree in Computer Science, Richard has a background in the computer and telecommunications industry, and has established himself as a serial entrepreneur. In 1991, he founded and was CEO of Currency Systems International (CSI), Currency Software Solutions (CSS) and Currency Consulting International (CCI). These companies were sold in 2001 to De La Rue, which resulted in Richard founding Currency Research. Throughout his career, he has developed a knowledge and understanding of the key areas within the currency industry, and is the Founder and Chairman of the Currency Conference (1992), founder of ICCOS (1995), Founder and co-Chairman of the International Association for Currency Affairs (2004), co-Founder of Currency News (2004), co-Founder and Chairman of Intelligent Currency Solutions (2008) and the co-Founder and Chairman of the Coin Conference (2010).

Antti Heinonen

ANTTI HEINONEN is the Chairman of the Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI), established to promote ethical business practice, with a focus on the prevention of corruption and on compliance with anti-trust law within the banknote industry.  Antti was the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG), mandated by the G10 central bank Governors, since March 2008 until December 2012. He was the Director, Banknotes at the ECB, and the Chairman of the Banknote Committee (BANCO) of the European System of Central Banks for more than 10 years until November 2008. Antti was also the Chairman of the Eurosystem Cash Changeover Co-ordination Committee, which had the overall responsibility for the co-ordination of the euro cash changeover in 2002. Prior to joining the ECB, he was the Chief Cashier for the Bank of Finland from 1993. Antti holds degrees in economics and mathematics from the University of Helsinki and is the recipient of the International Association of Currency Affairs’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.

James HusseyJAMES HUSSEY is currently serving as Advisor to the Chairman of Oberthur Fiduciaire where he is responsible for corporate strategy. He previously served as CEO at De La Rue, a public company with 4,000 employees where he worked for over 25 years. During that period, he managed both DLR’s acquisition of the Portals paper-making business and the Bank of England’s printing works. He specializes in Business Development, International Sales Team Leadership and Product Management in the banknote industry. James received his degree from Oxford University in 1983.

Ken NivenKEN NIVEN was CEO, Cash Solutions at G4S from 2004 to 2012. In that executive board leadership role, he was responsible for the major cash solutions business units (consisting of 15 global businesses and 30,000 people) and leading cash solutions strategies and best practice throughout the entire organization. Ken is a proven business leader with a strong record in cash management, and is passionate about organizational and leadership development to enable business excellence. He has 15 years’ experience in the security industry, and was instrumental in the development of game-changing new product areas, including cash center outsourcing, and creating a large independent ATM network; he has also developed a new approach to ATM maintenance and successfully launched a secure retail cash proposition in 10 countries. Ken joined the secure logistics sector following a successful career within the logistics management, where he held senior roles at Express Foods, Exel Logistics, and Coca Cola. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and holds an MA degree from the University of Aberdeen.

Gonzalo SantamariaGONZALO SANTAMARIA has more than 25 years of both technical and commercial experience in the cash industry. During this time he accumulated valuable experience in automation of banknote processing, banknote design, process re-engineering, supply chain optimization and secure movement of cash in and outside of cash centers and bank branches. In June 2011, Gonzalo was named Managing Director for Currency Research for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America + the Caribbean territories. In parallel to organizing currency-focused conferences, seminars and other educational events such as training courses, he is a frequent speaker and moderator at these events. He is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Lionel Van Lare DosooLIONEL VAN LARE DOSOO currently serves as Chairman of Ecobank Ghana Ltd., and has been its Non-Executive Director since February 18, 2010. He served as First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana from 2000 to 2009. While at the Bank, he served as Chairman on the Revenue Agencies Governing Board from 2005 to 2008 and its Member and Representative. Prior to his term at the Bank of Ghana, he worked for over 25 years in various Executive Positions in International Banking at major US Banking Institutions including Chase Manhattan Bank/J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bank and Pacific Bank, Los Angeles(Citi National Bank). Lionel holds a BS from the New York University (Stern School).



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