The importance of researching and communicating industry knowledge throughout the industry is the central aim of the CR Surveys. Covering a multitude of essential topics (ranging from counterfeits to the future of cash) and compiled into presentations, offered at various conferences and seminars, these surveys provide a key function of communicating industry standards, best practices and industry opinion to key positions within the currency industry.

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Cash in 20 Years
This brief survey is conducted at all our ICCOS events in 2012 and was collected and analyzed across all three regions - Americas, Asia and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The Survey results provide a glimpse of what Cash Usage, Influences, and other payment means might look like in 20 years according to our ICCOS delegations. If you are interested in the exact questions asked, you can click here to see the latest survey.

How much Cash will the average citizen of your country have in their wallet in 20 years?

Cash in Wallet Comparison

In your country, what increase/decrease of cash in circulation do you expect in next 10 and 20 years?

Increase/Decrease of Cash Usage in 10/20 Years Comparison

Top 3 Factors Influencing Increase/Decrease Rank of Payment Methods in 20 Years - EMEA Results Only


Payments Survey
This brief survey was conducted at ICCOS Asia in Manila and ICCOS EMEA in Warsaw in 2012. This survey examines the rising number of alternative payment methods that can effect cash and focuses on how much the delegation has used them and the changes that will effect the industry in the next 10 years. If you are interested in the exact questions used, please click here to see the full survey. 

What percentage will these payment methods be utilized in 10 years at

Point of Sale?

Change In Transaction Methods 
Use of Cash Comparison 2012 
 Use of Mobile at POS Comparison 2012  Cash Holdings Comparison 2012


Counterfeit Coins
CR took part in conducting this survey online in 2012 through various channels, including social media (LinkedIn) and email communications, reaching both industry and  non-industry personnel. This survey was designed by Mark Shaw, of Shaw Technology Solutions, to determine the importance people place on counterfeit coins, and the extent they search for or would purchase a device that would help spot counterfeits. This issue is one that will be discussed during the upcoming Coin Conference, as the results show that people are interested in an easy method for verification.

Use of Counterfeit Detector Survey Results

Cost to pay to verify counterfeit coins survey results