Training Seminars

Training Seminars

Currency Research has worked with local partners to create training seminars in specific locations to bring an international agenda and international presenters to a local audience. It is important to share the knowledge and experience that has been gained at a global level to regional and country specific audiences so they can use it within their organizations to better efficiencies and practices in our industry.


Central Banking Currency Seminar:

CR has organized a 5 day training seminar in conjunction with WAIFEM (West African Institute of Richard Haycock and Lionel DosooFinancial and Economical Management). This not-for-profit educational Central Banking Currency Seminar covered all aspects of Currency Design, Issue, Security and Distribution. This seminar was of interest to those who had recently joined the currency department, or requiring deeper understanding of all issues affecting banknotes, coins, and banking operations.

The second CR/WAIFEM Seminar took place in Abuja, Nigeria from June 24-28, 2013. This seminar proved to be successful for the delegates from 9 African countries who came together to learn, network and share their ideas and experiences. The agenda included international speakers sharing their experiences and insight with the delegates, localized experts talking about current issues and an organized excursion to the Central Bank of Nigeria. The combination of presentations and specialized breakout sessions allowed the delegates to engage, question and debate the information being presented to them. This interactive format developed the delegates knowledge base and understanding of the key factors affecting currency and the cash cycle in todays environment. 

The first CR/WAIFEM Seminar took place in Accra, Ghana from July 2 - 5, 2012. Please click here to see the agenda.  


If you are interested in partnering with Currency Research to organize a local training seminar, or would like more information on previous training seminars, please contact Britnee Hursin at