The Currency Conference

The Currency Conference (CC) began in 1992 at the request of Central Bankers responsible for currency issuance. They recognized the need for a unique conference to address specific areas of interest, challenges, and their desire to network with peers in other countries. Many very successful conferences later, the CC remains the premier industry conference for senior level Central Bankers.

The CC brings together the key officials in the currency issuing and printing departments around the world in a secure and interesting environment to share their experiences and to network with each other and the top industry leaders and suppliers.


Next Currency Conference:

Dubai, UAE - April, 2019


The Currency Conference is proud to be host to the 7th International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) Excellence in Currency Awards Ceremony in conjunction with the Currency Conference Gala Dinner. The awards that are given out at the Currency Conference are: Best New Circulating Banknote or Banknote Series, Best Public Education Program, Best Currency Website, Outstanding Achievement or Lifetime Achievement Award. The Currency Conference also hosts the Currency Hall of Fame™ Induction Ceremony. 


Past Conferences:

 2015 Vancouver

Vancouver, 2015

Vancouver AGENDA

Athens Delegate Photo

Athens, 2013


Singapore Delegate Photo

Singapore, 2011

Singapore AGENDA

Buenos Aires Delegate Photo

Buenos Aires, 2010

Buenos Aires AGENDA 

Prague Delegate Photo

Prague, 2008

Prague AGENDA 

Bangkok Delegate Photo

Bangkok, 2007

Bangkok AGENDA

Montreal Delegate Photo

Montreal, 2005

Rome Delegate Photo

Rome, 2004

Hawaii Delegate Photo

Hawaii, 2002

Barcelona Delegate Photo

Barcelona, 2001

Sydney Delegate Photo

Sydney, 1999

Cape Town Delegate Photo

Cape Town, 1998

New Orleans Delegate Photo

New Orleans, 1996

Hong Kong Delegate Photo

Hong Kong, 1995

Monte Carlo Delegate Photo

Monte Carlo, 1993

San Francisco Delegate Photo

San Francisco, 1992


For more information on the Currency Conference, please visit the website:

The highlight? "Good spirit throughout the conference.”
Swiss National Bank

"The highlight for me were the social events where I got to meet the vendors in a much more informal setting but hav[e] meaningful discussions one on one.” 
Central Bank of Belize

The highlight? “The 'Elevator Chat" - hearing from the industry's heavy weights about the future of the industry!!”
Central Bank of the Gambia 

"As a first time attendee, opportunities to network with fellow Central Bankers and other industry participants [was the highlight].”
Reserve Bank of New Zealand