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The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) has grown since the first seminar in 1995, and is considered the premier seminar for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation. These regional seminars in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and MEA (Middle East & Africa) welcome all stakeholders in the cash cycle, including Central Banks, Commercial/Retail Banks, CMCs (Cash Management Companies including CiTs), Retailers, Casinos, Post Offices, and Industry Suppliers.

With a unique and quality program, which includes the most relevant educational presentations by experts in our cash community, and specialized breakout meetings conducted by the leading industry suppliers, the Cash Cycle Seminar provides the ideal opportunity to learn, network and engage with colleagues and peers from different countries and across the industry, where a central banker from one country can interact with a CMC or commercial banker in another.

The Cash Cycle Seminar Program Includes:

  • Plenary Sessions: Educational presentations focusing on themed topics, innovative ideas and best practices
  • Breakout Sessions: Led by the top industry suppliers and sponsors of the Cash Cycle Seminar, these sessions are areas where new and future technology, products and services are introduced to the delegation which allow an opportunity to interact with key suppliers
  • Exhibition Space: Where sponsors have the chance to showcase their new products/services
  • Lunches/Cocktail Receptions: These more relaxed events give the delegates an opportunity for networking and engaging with industry peers and colleagues
  • Pre-Seminar Workshops offers a more intimate educational environment, with specialized relevant topics
  • Post-Seminar Symposium is an extension of the Cash Cycle Seminar program that occurs in the morning after the close of the seminar. This Symposium focuses on where the cash cycle begins and looks at security and durability consideration in design, security features, printing and issuance of banknotes.

The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) Events Schedule:

The cash cycle is evolving around the world and the industry is focused on solutions and strategies to modernize and progress efficiency. With that in mind, CR desired a more modern logo that expressed the same progression. The scooped positioning of our new logo’s four (4) markings signifies the “foundation” of the Cash Cycle Seminars serving as a forum for education and networking while also representing the four regions of the world we now serve. Our seminars have evolved from the very first one in Dallas, Texas in 1995, which was focused on the North American market’s challenges, to now encompassing the entire globe, enabling all countries an equal chance of attending and increasing the efficiency of their cash cycles. The logo’s four (4) markings also represents the four main stakeholders in the cash cycle that we bring together – the Central Bank, Financial Institutions, Cash Management Company (CMC/CiT), and Industry Suppliers. It is together that we will keep cash relevant, efficient, and secure.   

Past Cash Cycle Seminar Events

2018 MEA Group Photo

MEA 2018 - Abu Dhabi


2017 Americas Group Photo

Americas 2017 - Miami


2017 Asia Group Photo

Asia 2017 - Bangkok


2017 Europe Group Photo

Europe 2017 - Budapest


2017 MEA Group Photo

MEA 2017 - Nairobi


2016 Americas Group Photo

Americas 2016 - Miami


2016 Asia Group Photo

Asia 2016 - Macau


2016 Europe Group Photo

Europe 2016 - Lisbon


2015 Americas Group Photo

Americas 2015 - Fort Worth


2015 MEA Group Photo

Middle East & Africa 2015 - Beirut


2015 Asia Group Photo

Asia 2015 - Kuala Lumpur


2015 EMEA Group Photo

EMEA 2015 -  Milan


2014 Americas Group Photo

Americas 2014 -  Miami


2014 Asia Group Photo

Asia 2014 - Bali


EMEA 2014 Istanbul Delegate Photo

EMEA 2014 - Istanbul


Asia 2013 Bangkok Delegate Photo

Asia 2013 - Bangkok


Americas 2013 Miami Delegate Photo

Americas 2013 - Miami


EMEA 2012 Warsaw Delegate Photo

EMEA 2012 - Warsaw


Asia 2012 Manila Delegate Photo

Asia 2012 – Manila


Americas 2012 - Miami Delegate Photo

Americas 2012 - Miami


Asia 2011 - Hong Kong Delegate Photo

Asia 2011 - Hong Kong


EMEA 2011 - Barcelona Delegate Photo

EMEA 2011 - Barcelona


Asia 2010 - Kuala Lumpur Delegate Photo

Asia 2010 - Kuala Lumpur


Americas 2010 - Scottsdale Delegate Photo

Americas 2010 - Scottsdale


EMEA 2009 - Amsterdam Delegate Photo

EMEA 2009 - Amsterdam

Americas 2009 - Chicago Delegate Photo

Americas 2009 - Chicago


Americas 2007 - Las Vegas Delegate Photo

Americas 2007 - Las Vegas


Americas 2006 - New Orleans Delegate Photo

Americas 2006 - New Orleans


Americas 2004 - San Francisco Delegate Photo

Americas 2004 - San Francisco


Americas 2003 - New York Delegate Photo

Americas 2003 - New York


Americas 2001 - Tampa Delegate Photo

Americas 2001 - Tampa


Americas 2000 - San Diego Delegate Photo

Americas 2000 - San Diego


Americas 1998 - Dallas Delegate Photo

 Americas 1998 - Dallas





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"It was an excellent event in virtually all areas. The increasingly cohesive group of repeat attendees really helps to build industry value through information sharing."

Safeguards G4S - Asia Cash Cycle Seminar

"I have attended many trade seminars over my banking career, but this was the best by far. The content of the presentations and the knowledge of the presenters was excellent. The networking opportunities were terrific and the Federal Reserve tour was great."

First Niagra Bank - Americas Cash Cycle Seminar

"The seminar was a good opportunity to meet other Central Bankers with similar functions and challenges, as well as a good opportunity to know how things are done in other countries in order to bring new ideas."

Banco de Portugal - Europe Cash Cycle Seminar