Benchmarking: High Speed Cash Processing


Currency Research is engaging with the Central Banks and Commercial Sectors to evaluate their Cash Processing function in order to provide the industry with critical Benchmarking metrics which can be used to determine the efficiency in any cash handling/processing centers. 

At its simplest, benchmarking means improving ourselves by comparing to others with similar characteristics and variables in a banknote processing environment.  Comparisons in machine processing performance has been promoted by machine providers for many years, but this project aims to look at the overall production and efficiencies that are being achieved in Cash Processing Centers worldwide.

This project’s objective is to encourage cash processors to “focus” on their operation and confirm that they are achieving an Optimum Performance in all aspects of the process within their centers. This initiative is in direct response to discussions with many banking delegates at conferences around the world.  These delegates expressed the desire for comparative data from their regions to enable them to review comparative Cash Processing production, with the aim of improving their efficiency.

Some of the factors that are measured and examined include:

-          Number of Cash Centers

-          Number/Type of Notes in Circulation (including the mix between paper and polymer)

-          Type of Machines

-          Total Note Volumes Processed in a 12 Month Period

-          Shift Work

-          Note Deposits Received and Type of Processing Done

-          Machine Throughput

-          Machine Shift Throughput

-          Reject Rates and Types of Rejects

-          Deposits Held Prior to Processing

-          Note Fitness and Fitness Standards

The data received from the participants of this study will be analyzed and reported comparing all Central Banks in one part and all Commercial sector participants in the second part of the report. This Benchmarking of Cash Processing report is an excellent way to gauge your banknote processing efficiency and is of interest to Central Banks, Commercial Banks and Cash Management Companies who can use it to compare their own data to the benchmark. How will you measure up?