Rob Bevis

Until recently Rob held the position of President in one of Canada’s most successful premium wine import/agencies. He has a track record of building small companies from the entrepreneurial start-up phase into multi-million dollar professionally-run organizations.

Today Rob is actively involved in the development of a Hong Kong and China based wine importing company.  He sits on various Board of Directors and provides strategic input and energy to successful growing companies.

Rob completed his MBA in Enterprise Development at the University of Calgary in 1998. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, a B.Comm in Information Systems, he worked as a Programmer/Analyst for a senior oil and gas producer in Alberta. After four years in Oil and Gas Rob followed his passion for food and wine and entered the Import/agency wine business. Over the past couple of decades Rob has been helping people and companies grow and achieve their goals in the fine wine business. He has travelled to most of the important exporting wine regions of the world and has tasted thousands of wines. His passion for wine and his passion for business create the perfect combination for success. Rob has two sons, Matthew and Alexander and is married to Shelley.