Tan Chee Meng

Tan Chee MengTan Chee Meng worked as an electronic design engineer for five years prior to joining the currency community 28 years ago. His currency experience started at the Central Bank of Malaysia where he gained a thorough understanding of high speed sorting machines and the currency supply chain. In 1995 he joined Currency Systems International (CSI) to further enhance his knowledge in the field of high speed currency processing and detection. Additionally, he ran an engineering and parts depot in Malaysia to service all of CSI’s customers in Asia. 

When De La Rue acquired CSI in 2001, his knowledge in the industry expanded to include teller assist units, ATMs, substrates and security features. Tan joined Currency Research in October 2009 as Managing Director of Asia and Middle East. Tan is currently the Secretary of the Asian Cash Management Association (ACMA).   

Tan Chee Meng specializes in Cash Management Alternatives and is a regional expert in Asia on all sections of the cash cycle.