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Currency Research serves, facilitates and actively
supports various communities within the cash cycle.

ACMA LogoThe Asia Cash Management Association (ACMA) was formed by an agreement by the Cash Management companies in Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, to enable members and their associated businesses to play an active part in raising the profile of the industry, along with promoting common interests and best practices.  The association will also be empowered to represent, define and promote the industry members’ joint positions on particular central bank or supplier policy aspects. It is now undergoing a registration process in Hong Kong. Currency Research is proud to be a founding member of this association.

ATMIA LogoThe ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is a non-profit, independent trade association. Their aim is to promote ATM usage, growth and convenience, as well as protecting the industries good name, assets, interests and public trust. This association focuses on education, events, committees and advocacy to achieve their objectives and are responsible for industry projects like the ATM Benchmarking Survey, the ATM Gash Council and the ATMIA Global Newsletter. CR is a Global Board Member of ATMIA.

IACA LogoThe International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA)a non-profit currency community forum, works with both the public and private sectors to provide an international exchange of collaboration on all the different areas of interest in the cash payment cycle. IACA supports the industry through research projects like the Global Payment Study and the Industry Guidelines document, recognition through the Currency Awards and Hall of Fame, and providing access to a vast array of industry documents through the e-library.