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Consulting Services

Currency Research (CR) has been involved in selective consulting projects since our inception, where our unmatched industry knowledge and expertise makes us a key resource for the industry.

Our reports have been presented at board levels, reflecting our reputation as key industry experts and thorough researchers. We bring established benchmarks and best practices within the industry, assisting Central Banks, Government Printing Works, Mints, and private industry on unique and specific research topics and projects. 

Past projects have included strategic, policy, marketing, and operational areas within Central Banks, Mints, Printing Works, and the commercial sector

The cash industry in many mature markets is coming to a point where for the first-time cash usage is beginning to decline. That fact is often overlooked because the more publicized data on cash in circulation is still showing a steady increase. The drivers behind these symptoms, such as changing consumer behavior, new technologies, improved durability of banknotes, and negative interest rate environments, need to be understood and new strategies need to be carefully drafted and implemented. At the same time, especially emerging markets still see strong growing demand for physical currency and need to align their infrastructure, regulations and contingency planning to the critical nature of a healthy cash cycle.

CR draws upon our combined total of over 200 years of participation and experience in the currency industry, the knowledge of our wide network of industry experts, both currently working and recently retired, and our diversification into the payments industry through our Payment Conferences and Summits and is therefore ideally placed to help your organization prepare for the future.

The list of select past assignments gives an indication of the depth and breadth of our consulting offering. We are happy to discuss your specific needs in a confidential manner.

Select Past Assignments

In addition to our current consulting projects, CR has been involved in consulting on various projects involving cash in circulation on a country-specific, regional, or global basis. We consult on strategy, markets, communications, process, and procedure on a local basis with a global perspective. Some past areas of involvement have included specific customized training to single or groups of Central Banks, CMCs, Commercial Banks, and Printing Works.

CR has been instrumental in:

  • Recommending the country sorting fitness standard
  • Evaluating a country’s readiness for fitness and counterfeit sorting
  • Evaluating a new product’s market potential
  • Valuating a technology company
  • Validating a regional or global market
  • Defining the market strategy for a government institution
  • Defining the strategic direction of a technology company
  • Interfacing between the commercial banks, CMCs, and the Central Bank to define an efficient and safe cash circulation policy for the country
  • Defining a specific local CIT/CMC regulation policy for a Central Bank
  • Defining a numismatic product release and program
  • Evaluating requests for proposal
  • Providing marketing direction, focus, and materials for multiple companies
  • Identifying and qualifying strategic acquisitions