Currency Research 2024 Advancement in Payment, Innovation, and Technology Awards

These awards recognise exceptional contributions to the advancement of digital currencies, digital asset tokenisation, and the responsible use of artificial intelligence within the financial sector. Each award category honors organizations and individuals who have demonstrated leadership, innovation, and impact in their respective fields, serving as beacons of inspiration and guiding lights for the future of payments and finance.

The Awards Ceremony is set to dazzle on Tuesday, 24 September in the vibrant city of London, amidst the electrifying atmosphere of Payments, Innovation, and Technology Week (September 23 to 26, 2024).

All finalists across diverse categories are cordially invited to partake in the FinTech Pitch Night as part of the grand event, absolutely free of charge. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for finalists to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and innovations.

Awards Categories:

Leadership in Digital Currency Adoption

This award celebrates organizations that have pioneered the widespread adoption and utilization of digital currencies. Criteria include demonstrated increase in adoption and integration, enhancement of utility and functionality, improvement in user experience, and evidence of meaningful positive social impact.

Outstanding achievements and leadership in the widespread adoption and utilization of digital currencies, honoring organizations that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, leadership, and success in embracing digital currencies as a means of payment and financial empowerment. This award serves as inspiration for the digital currency ecosystem, recognizing and celebrating the pioneers who are driving mainstream adoption of digital currencies and paving the way for a more inclusive, efficient, and equitable financial future. Criteria are:

  • Adoption and Integration: Demonstrated an increase in the adoption and integration of digital currencies into mainstream financial systems, businesses, and consumer transactions.
  • Utility and Functionality: Enhancement of the utility and functionality of digital currencies through the development of innovative use cases, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, cross-border payments, and micropayments.
  • User Experience: Improvement in the overall user experience, including accessibility, security, and ease of use of digital currency platforms and applications, especially last-mile solutions.
  • Positive Impact: Demonstrated meaningful positive social impact from implementing digital currency, from financial inclusion to sustainability.

Innovation in Digital Currency Design

Recognizing exceptional creativity and ingenuity in the design and development of digital currencies, this award highlights organizations that push the boundaries of innovation in monetary systems. Criteria include scalability and efficiency, usability, privacy and security features, and interoperability.

Exceptional creativity, ingenuity, and impact in the design and development of digital currencies, recognise organisations that have pushed the boundaries of innovation in creating next-generation monetary systems. This award highlights the pivotal role of design in shaping the future of money and reimagining the way we store, exchange, and transact value in the digital age. The award serves as a catalyst for innovation and inspiration in the digital currency ecosystem, recognizing and celebrating the visionaries who are shaping the future of money through bold, imaginative, and impactful design. Criteria are:

  • Scalability and Efficiency: Development of scalable and efficient blockchain protocols or digital currency networks capable of handling high transaction volumes with minimal latency and fees.
  • Usability: Development of innovative last-mile solutions and wallet concepts that help close the current adoption gap.
  • Privacy and Security Features: Integration of robust privacy and security features, such as zero-knowledge proofs, encryption, and multi-signature wallets, to protect user data and transactions.
  • Interoperability: Implementation of interoperability standards and protocols to enable seamless value transfer and communication between different digital currency networks and blockchain platforms.

Advancement in Digital Asset Tokenization

This award acknowledges pioneering initiatives in digital asset tokenization, unlocking liquidity and democratizing access to financial markets. Criteria include technological innovation, large-scale adoption, and positive market impact of tokenization initiatives.

Pioneering initiatives and outstanding achievements in the field of digital asset tokenization, recognizing exceptional innovation, adoption, and impact in leveraging blockchain technology to tokenize real-world assets. In an era of digital transformation, this award highlights the transformative potential of tokenization to democratize access to financial markets, unlock liquidity, and enable new forms of asset ownership and investment. This award serves as inspiration for the digital asset ecosystem, inspiring others to embrace tokenization as a powerful tool for innovation, democratization, and economic empowerment. Criteria are:

  • Technological Innovation: Development of innovative tokenization solutions and protocols that enable the representation of real-world assets as digital tokens on blockchain networks.
  • Large-Scale Adoption: Implementation of the solution across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.
  • Market Impact: Demonstration of the positive impact of digital asset tokenization on financial markets, including increased liquidity, transparency, and accessibility of traditionally illiquid assets.

Pioneer in Gen AI

This award honors central banks demonstrating exceptional application of generative artificial intelligence in economic policy and financial regulation. Criteria include AI-driven policy formulation and analysis, regulatory compliance, and initiatives promoting financial inclusion.

Exceptional application of generative artificial intelligence within the realm of central banking. While numerous central banks are delving into the potential of generative AI, only a select few are actively advancing its implementation. This award aims to distinguish these pioneers, facilitating the sharing of valuable insights, lessons learned, and experiences. In doing so, it serves as a beacon for other central banks, guiding them in making informed decisions related to generative AI adoption. Criteria are:

  • Policy Formulation and Analysis: Application of AI techniques to analyze economic data, forecast trends, and simulate policy scenarios to inform monetary policy decisions and macroeconomic management.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Utilization of AI-powered tools for regulatory compliance monitoring, risk assessment, and fraud detection to enhance supervision and regulation in the financial sector.
  • Financial Inclusion: Deployment of AI-driven initiatives to promote financial inclusion and expand access to banking services, credit, and capital for underserved populations.

Stewardship in AI Responsibility

Recognizing outstanding leadership in the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence within the financial sector, this award celebrates institutions that prioritize transparency, accountability, and fairness in AI governance. Criteria include bias mitigation, transparency and accountability, and sustainability of AI-related operations.

Demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence technologies within the realm of monetary policy, financial regulation, and economic stability. In an increasingly digitized financial landscape, this award celebrates institutions that harness the power of AI while upholding principles of transparency, accountability, and fairness. The award serves as a benchmark for best practices in AI governance within the central banking community, inspiring other institutions to adopt responsible AI strategies and to contribute to the advancement of ethical AI principles in the financial sector. Criteria are:

  • Bias Mitigation: Implementation of strategies and techniques to mitigate bias and ensure fairness in AI algorithms and decision-making processes.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Promotion of transparency and accountability in AI development and deployment through open-source initiatives, algorithm explainability, and auditability.
  • Sustainability: Implementation of eco-friendly practices to reduce the carbon footprint of AI-related operations. Demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning digital advancements with global sustainability goals.

We offer two finalists in each category a free presentation at pitch night.

Through these awards, we celebrate the visionaries, innovators, and pioneers who are shaping the future of payments and finance through their commitment to innovation, responsible leadership, and positive societal impact.


Judging Panel

An independent panel of carefully selected experts will judge the awards.

Rufaida Hamilton
Rufaida HamiltonHead of Payments, South Africa Standard Bank
Helen Disney
Helen DisneyFounder and CEO, Unblocked
Peter Tapling
Peter TaplingManaging Director, PTap Advisory
Nilixa Devlukia
Nilixa DevlukiaStrategic advisor to regulators and industry on CBDC, Open Banking, Open Finance, and Crypto Assets
Gerry Gaetz
Gerry GaetzStrategic Advisor for Tata Consultancy Services & Former CEO of Payments Canada
Matthew Hunt
Matthew HuntChair of the Global Payments Summit
Xiaochen Zhang
Xiaochen ZhangChair of the Central Bank AI Conference

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