Payments, Innovation, and Technology Week

Exploring the latest trends and research in Digital Currency Use and AI Applications for Central Banks.
London – September 23 to 26, 2024

For the first time, Currency Research is combining two amazing FinTech events into one amazing week, in one amazing location! The Digital Currency Conference on 23-24 September 2024 and the Central Bank AI Conference on 25-26 September 2024, together form our 2024 Payments, Innovation and Technology Week in London.

One flight, one hotel, one trip, two amazing events!

Where is it?

Where Technology and Style Converge

The events will be held at 155 Bishopsgate, one of London’s most stylish conference destinations in the heart of Bishopsgate at Liverpool Street Station. We expect over 300 thought leaders from around the globe to meet in London to exchange ideas and experiences aimed at advancing Digital Currency and AI use in payments.

What is it?

1 Week of Cutting Edge Payments Research, Policy, and Technology Education & Networking

Come for one and stay for both! Whether you are a Digital Currency or AI expert or novice, don’t miss this opportunity to learn and network about both industry changing topics in one week!

The Digital Currency Conference is a premier event that focuses on the technology and design aspects of both central bank and private digital currencies. The conference brings together policymakers, regulators, and technology & innovation experts to network and discuss all aspects of digital currencies. The 2024 conference theme is Views on Use: Exploring Actionable and Real-life Use Cases and the Importance of the User Experience.

The Central Bank AI Conference focuses on a central banker’s perspective on future applications of artificial intelligence, be it at the central bank or institutions under the central bank’s regulatory purview. The conference brings together central banks, regulators, financial services, and FinTechs to explore how AI affects central bank operations, regulations, research, and policy. The 2024 focus of the event is AI Considerations & Conversations: Exploring the landscape of how central banks and financial services are using and studying AI for regulation, research, workforce, and policy.

Being new and rapidly evolving areas of study, in addition to industry-leading educational sessions, we are also curating in-depth tabletop discussions and networking opportunities to ensure all delegates leave London with meaningful takeaways and connections.


Why Currency Research?

Independence, Experience, and Relationships

Through its close relationships with central banks, regulators, payment operators, printworks, and other companies that are part of the cash and payments industry, Currency Research is the leading global provider of premium conferences for this audience. By connecting senior executives and experts from across the industry in an intimate environment that fosters collaboration and discussions, we enable thought leadership in an industry that is seeing an unprecedented pace of change.

What does it cost? Stay for both and Save!

Please select your ticket from the table below.
Financial Institutions & Governments Suppliers
Entire Week GBP 2,360
GBP 4,560
Digital Currency Conference
See agenda
GBP 1,475
GBP 2,850
Central Bank AI Conference
See agenda
GBP 1,475
GBP 2,850
One Day Pass GBP 885
GBP 1,710
Pitch Night Only GBP 99
GBP 99

FinTech StartUps (less than 20 employees and in business for less than 5 years) can apply for the Financial Institutions rate. Contact us to apply.

All rates listed above are per person, in GBP, and exclusive of any applicable VAT.
The rates increase in May 2024.

High Level Agenda


Innovative Insights: Exploring Pioneering Topics in Payments and Technology

Digital Currency Conference

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  • Digital Currency Latest Trends and Implementations.
  • Designing for The User Experience.
  • CBDCs in Reality: Use Cases & The Path Forward.
  • Wallets: The Key for Users & Interoperability.
  • Stable Coins and Deposit Tokens: Private Sector Innovation in Use & Implementation.

Central Bank AI Conference

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  • Workshops with Leading Research Universities.
  • AI in Use: The Latest in Central Bank Explorations
  • AI for Regulation: How to Use it and How Not to Use it
  • Ethical AI: The Dangers and Opportunities
  • AI in Research and Policy
  • Round Table Exploratory Discussions
  • AI and Workforce Training & Optimization

Friday Optional Activities

What treasures await?

Tour of Bank of England Museum “Future of Money” Exhibit

On your visit, you’ll explore the history of the Bank of England and what it does today. Learn about why people started using paper money, and discover the secrets of why banknotes are so difficult to copy. Test your strength by picking up a gold bar, and discover why their building is on top of one the world’s largest stores of gold!

The Future of Money
Can the tooth fairy go cashless? Are cryptoassets money? Who decides how we pay?
Money and the way we use it has changed in recent decades. With digital and contactless payments on the rise, the choices we make, as individuals and businesses are having an impact. Futureproofing the economy to meet our needs, now and in the future, is the job of the Bank of England.
From digital currencies to the importance of cash in our everyday lives, from sustainability to making sure we have choices and access to different ways to pay, this exhibition responds to questions you have been asking. So, where are we now, and what is the future of money?

Learn about the Bank of England and money
Learn what the Bank of England does and how this affects you. Find out how the Bank of England works to keep prices stable (the cost of things like food, televisions, and train tickets). Discover how they ensure that the financial system is safe and sound.

See gold and banknotes
In the Modern Economy room, find out why there are 400,000 gold bars in the Bank of England’s underground vaults. In the Rotunda room try to lift a real gold bar for yourself. In the Banknote Gallery find out how banknotes have changed over time.

Discover history, architecture, and banknote design
Travel through 300 years of history in the Early Years and Rotunda rooms. Discover the events and people that have shaped the Bank of England over the centuries.

AI2030 London: Responsible AI, ESG & Sustainable Finance Summit

Hosted by AI 2030 (separate registration required)

Stick around and attend this amazing event by our partners at AI2030. AI2030 London is a summit focusing on the intersection of AI, ESG, and sustainable finance. It delves into responsible AI frameworks and shares AI use cases for ESG and sustainable finance. This summit fosters collaboration to scale global action, uniting leaders to explore AI’s role in achieving sustainability goals. See more information here.
Separate registration is required, and a discount will be provided for all Payment, Innovation and Technology Week registered delegates. A code will be provided along with your registration confirmation.