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Currency Research authors informative reports to expand the knowledge base of our industry
and highlight issues that affect us all.
Research Reports

We freely provide complimentary copies of all our reports to Central Banks, Banknote Printers, Commercial Banks, and Cash Management Companies. A complimentary copy is also provided to delegates attending our industry events - the Currency Conference, the Banknote Conference, the Cash Cycle Seminars and our Review Seminars. To request a copy of a CR report, contact us.


Best Practice Report: Cash Protection & Security


CR has partnered with East & Partners to deliver highly analytical reports on Corporate Payments. East & Partners is a leading specialist business banking insights research and analysis firm. With CR’s central banking expertise and East & Partners analytics, this partnership offers central banks and regulators invaluable insight into the marketplace. Download the brochure for more details.


Covid-19: A Time to Protect the Future of Cash Special Report (Released April 2020) and available for download now!

The Cash Industry in Transition (Released July 2019) and available for download now!

Central Bank Best Practices: Banknote Destruction, Disposal, and Recycling (Released May 2016)

The Case for Banknote Numismatic Programs: Why and How (Released May 2016)

The Case for Cash Part II: The Justification (Released May 2015)

Benchmarking Report: High Speed Cash Processing (Released January 2015)

The Case for Cash Part I: Myths Dispelled (Released July 2014)

Re-Engineering Currency Circulation: An International Study of Cash Handling Models (Released September 2013)


Cards on the Table - The Reasons Why Banks Want to Eliminate Cash by Björn Eriksson