South America Update with Alejandro Malamud – [Episode #13]

Welcome to the first podcast episode in Spanish by Currency Research hosted by our VP, Sergio Sanchez. In our latest episode, we had the pleasure of diving deep into the world of cash management and exploring the innovations shaping the future of currency.

Meet the Expert: Alejandro Malamud
Joining us in this episode was Alejandro Malamud, the Regional Commercial Director at Permaquim in Argentina, who brings over 30 years of expertise in the cash industry. Alejandro’s role involves steering a company at the forefront of cash management and processing solutions across Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. His hands-on experience and strategic oversight provided us with a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of currency management.

A Glimpse into Currency Circulation and Security
Our discussion kicked off with an in-depth look at currency circulation and the paramount importance of security measures. Alejandro shed light on the intricate processes that ensure the safe and efficient movement of cash within the economy. We delved into the latest security technologies that are being implemented to thwart counterfeiting and fraud, ensuring that the public and businesses alike can trust in the physical money that powers our daily transactions.

Retail Trends and the Digital Shift
As we navigated through the conversation, the topic of retail trends and the digital shift took centre stage. Alejandro provided us with fascinating insights into how retailers are adapting to the changing preferences of consumers, who are increasingly looking for convenience and speed in their payment options. We discussed the balance between traditional cash transactions and the rise of digital currencies, highlighting the need for businesses to stay agile in this dynamic environment.

The Rise of Digital Currencies
The emergence of digital currencies has sparked a global conversation about the future of money. In our episode, Alejandro and I explored the implications of this digital revolution on the cash industry, we examined the potential of digital currencies to coexist with traditional cash and the ways in which they could transform everyday transactions

As we wrapped up our episode, it was clear that the cash industry is on the cusp of a transformative era.  We hope this episode has provided you with valuable insights into the world of cash management and inspired you to think about its role in shaping the financial landscape. Join the discussion about the cash cycle role during this year’s Americas Cash & Payments Seminar and the EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar. See you there!


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