The Banknote Conference

Banknote Conference is the industry’s premier technology-focused event and has a long and rich history of hosting the world’s technology experts from central banks, printing works, and industry suppliers and providing an unparalleled opportunity to discuss emerging trends, technologies, and innovation.

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About the Banknote Conference

This independent, neutral forum is critical for industry leaders to meet and discuss innovations, efficiencies, best practices, and new technologies and solutions that benefit their operations.

Banknote Conference is the industry’s premier technology-focused event and has a long and rich history of hosting the world’s technology experts from central banks, printing works, and industry suppliers and providing an unparallelled opportunity to discuss emerging trends, technologies, and innovations. The current state and future of the industry are examined and influenced through the important expertise shared, through the new ideas developed, and through the collaboration that begins and happens here.

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For over thirty years and spanning twenty-one conferences, the Banknote Conference has remained the preferred platform for Governors, Deputy Governors, and Chief Cashiers to engage with the industry.

In 2024, in the lively city of Fort Worth, Texas, we were honored to host an assembly of nearly 400 delegates representing 183 organizations. Among them were 92 Central Banks and Printworks, from 72 countries, affirming the conference’s status as the premier industry event.

2024 Sponsors

We appreciate the above list of leading industry suppliers who support the conference – and thus this industry – with their invaluable participation. If you are interested in sponsoring the 2026 Banknote Conference, please contact Tom Mitchell here.

2024 Participating organisations

  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

  • AJW, Inc/Document Security Alliance

  • Al Fardan Exchange

  • Al Muzaini Exchange Co

  • Applied Physics Research Inc.

  • Arrandene MFG – Coin Recycling

  • Authentix
  • Ava Global DMCC

  • Babubhai Group

  • Baldwin Technology Inc.

  • Banca d’Italia

  • Banco Central de Honduras
  • Banco Central de la República Dominicana

  • Banco de España
  • Banco de México
  • Banco de Moçambique

  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  • Bank of America
  • Bank of Canada
  • Bank of England
  • Bank of Finland

  • Bank of Ghana
  • Bank of Japan
  • Bank of Korea
  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Bank of South Sudan

  • Bank of Thailand
  • Bank of Zambia
  • Banknote Ethics Initiative
  • Banknote Industry News

  • Banknote World

  • Banque de France

  • Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited

  • Blendpaper Papeis Especiais Ltda

  • Brinks Global Services
  • Bundesdruckerei
  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited
  • Casa de Moneda do Brasil

  • Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A.

  • Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

  • CCL Secure
  • Central Bank of Belize

  • Central Bank of Chile
  • Central Bank of Dominican Republic

  • Central Bank of Haiti

  • Central Bank of Indonesia

  • Central Bank of Kenya

  • Central Bank of Somalia
  • Central Bank of Lebanon

  • Central Bank of The Bahamas

  • Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • Central Bank of Uruguay

  • Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

  • Central Engraving and Printing Plant

  • Centrale Bank van Aruba

  • Centrale Bank van Suriname

  • Covestro Deutschland AG

  • CPS

  • Crane Currency

  • Currency News

  • Danmarks Nationalbank
  • De La Rue International Limited
  • De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

  • Enterprise Cash Management

  • European Central Bank
  • Exchange Bank of Canada
  • Federal Reserve

  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Federal Reserve Financial Services

  • First Rate Exchange Services Ltd.


  • Gestaltung Manuela Pfrunder GmbH

  • Giesecke + Devrient
  • Gietz AG
  • Glory

  • Gunnar Nehls Intaglio Services

  • Honeywell
  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Hueck Folien GmbH
  • IACA
  • IBI International Logistics Inc

  • Imprenta de Billetes, SA

  • Infineon Technologies AG

  • Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc.

  • IQ Structures

  • Jura

  • Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions

  • Lambert Strategies
  • Landqart
  • LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG
  • Louisenthal

  • Luminescence Sun Chemical Security
  • MABEG Systems GmbH
  • Meta Materials
  • Mint of Poland


  • Moneycorp

  • Monnaie de Paris

  • Morphis

  • Muhlbauer Inc.

  • National Bank of Belgium
  • National Bank of Georgia
  • National Bank of Kazakhstan

  • Note Printing Australia
  • National Printing Bureau of Japan
  • NCR Atleos


  • Numisma Bank

  • NXTGenDetect

  • Oberthur Fiduciaire
  • Oesterreichische Banknoten- und Sicherheitsdruck
  • Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing
  • Open Futures

  • Papierfabrik Louisenthal GmbH

  • Paul Leibinger
  • Polish Security Printing Works
  • Q&T Hi-Tech Polymer Company

  • Qatar Central Bank

  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering
  • Security Fibres Ltd

  • Security Products Pvt Ltd.

  • South African Reserve Bank

  • Spectra Systems Corp.
  • Stardust Materials, LLC

  • State Bank of Pakistan

  • Statni Tiskarna Cenin
  • Sveriges Riksbank

  • Swiss National Bank
  • The Bank of Mongolia

  • UC Santa Barbara

  • UnderCurrency

  • United States Secret Service

  • University of Virginia

  • US Department of the Treasury

  • Valaurum, Inc

  • WTG Water Treatment GmbH


Countries Represented in 2024

Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong (SAR China), India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan (Province of China), Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe

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