The Central Bank AI Conference

Inaugural Conference

This inaugural conference focuses on a central banker’s perspective on future applications of Artificial Intelligence, be it at the Central Bank or at institutions under the Central Bank’s regulatory purview. The CBAI Conference is for bringing together Central Banks, Regulators, Financial Services, and FinTechs to explore how AI affects Central Bank operations, regulations, research, and policy.
The 2024 focus of the event is AI Considerations & Conversations: Exploring the landscape of how Central Banks and financial services are using and studying AI for regulation, research, workforce, and policy.
Being a new area of study, in addition to industry-leading educational sessions, we are also curating in-depth tabletop discussions and networking opportunities to ensure all delegates leave the event with meaningful takeaways and connections.
The event will be held at the 155 Bishopsgate, one of London’s most stylish conference destinations in the heart of Bishopsgate at Liverpool Street Station.
Our Digital Currency Conference is happening two days right before the Central Bank AI Conference at the same location. If you are traveling to London, stay the extra two days and learn about the latest in CBDC, stablecoin, and deposit token developments. Save 20 percent off your registration fees when you register for both events.
Two cutting-edge FinTech topics in one amazing week in London, join us!



Exploring How AI Affects Central Bank Operations, Regulations, Research, and Policy

About the Central Bank AI Conference

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest conference, and here’s what you need to know:

Our conference is all about diving into the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence and its profound impact on Central Banking. We’ll explore how AI is reshaping the way Central Banks operate and how it’s changing the game for regulatory oversight, particularly in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance in Commercial Banking.

Chair of the Central Bank AI Conference: Xiaochen Zhang

We are glad to share that Xiaochen Zhang, an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on finance, will be serving as the Chair for the upcoming Central Bank AI Conference. This inaugural event is set to delve into the disruptive power of AI and its potential effects on Central Banks and the financial services industry.

Xiaochen is the founder and CEO of FinTech4Good, a global network that collaborates with startups, industry leaders, nonprofits, and investors to harness blockchain, AI, metaverse, and cloud computing for social good. He is also an Investor at Gaingels, a leading venture capital network that supports diverse and underrepresented founders in FinTech and artificial intelligence.

With over 20 years of experience in financial markets and international development, Xiaochen has a passion for leveraging emerging technologies to create a better world. As the Global Head of Innovation & GTM at Amazon Web Services (AWS), he led a team that developed and delivered cutting-edge solutions in areas such as digital assets, central bank digital currency, green finance, and regulatory and supervisory technologies.

Who Will Be in Attendance

Expect to see some heavy hitters in attendance:

  • Central Banks:
    Governors, Deputy Governors, and key leaders in various Central Bank departments, from IT to Policy.

  • FMI Participants:
    Leading organizations like Payments Canada, TCH, and CLS will be in the house.

  • Commercial Banks:
    The movers and shakers of the banking world.

  • Regulators:
    The folks responsible for keeping the financial world in check.

  • Top-Notch Suppliers:
    We’re talking about the big players in AI, more to be revealed soon.

  • AI Consultants:
    The best and brightest in the AI consulting space, including some heavyweights.

Why Attend

Cutting-Edge Insights

Discover More

Get the latest insights into how AI is revolutionizing Central Banking and regulatory processes. Stay ahead of the curve in the financial world.

Networking Galore

Discover More

Connect with the who’s who of Central Banking, FMI participants, Commercial Banks, Regulators, and top-notch AI suppliers. Forge invaluable relationships that could shape the future of your career or business.

Unprecedented Collaboration

Discover More

Witness groundbreaking collaborations between Central Banks, tech giants, and AI consultants. This is where innovation happens.

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2024 Central Bank AI Conference, please contact Shaun Ferrari.

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