The P.I.T. Exchange Podcast

P.I.T. Exchange is a new podcast by Currency Research that will delve into the latest in payments, innovation & technology, engaging with the industry’s most innovative thought leaders to provide invaluable knowledge and insights. Tune in to be part of the exchange at the intersection of payments and technology.

Upcoming P.I.T. Exchange Podcast Guests:

  • Xiaochen Zhang, Chief Responsible AI Officer & Executive Director, AI 2030
  • Claire Conby, Operations and Governance Lead, Digital Pound Foundation
  • Mark Gould, Chief Payments Executive, Federal Reserve Bank
  • Alejandro Malamud, Regional Sales Director, Permaquim
  • And many more…

Disclaimer: While we embrace open dialogue and value diverse perspectives, it’s important to note that the views expressed by individuals in our podcast episodes are entirely their own. They may not necessarily align with the views, opinions, or positions of the organization they are associated with.


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