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Global Payments Update

A Training Program for an Industry in Transition

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“I gained better understanding what is happening in the payments industry on a global perspective, the ‘market share’ of each, and with what payments methods cash will compete in the next coming years.” – Banque de France

This quick-hit day of training delivers the latest developments in payments specifically relevant to cash professionals.
  • Tailored for cash industry professionals among the world’s central bank currency departments, commercial banks, and cash management companies
  • Gain insight into the current state of play on “the other side”
  • Program is presented at the host organization's preferred location – we bring the training to you
  • Delivered by senior industry leaders with decades of relevant experience in both cash and payments



Contact Shaun Ferrari, Global Product Director & Managing Director, Americas for a quote and to review potential dates.

Review Seminars

The Currency Research Team recaps the latest issues and trends presented at various international Conferences and Seminars at their two day (1/2 day each) Review Seminars. This is a chance for industry colleagues who have been unable to attend and participate in the international conferences to gain the insight and knowledge that was shared.

Presentations from conferences such as the Currency Conference, the Banknote Conference, the Cash Cycle Seminars (ICCOS) from all regions - Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East & Asia, the Coin Conference and others are compiled into the key elements and trends. There are multiple review seminars a year in varying locations around the world, bringing the benefit of global education within easy reach.

If you would like a Review Seminar in your city, please contact Currency Research and we will be happy to try and organize one.

Agenda Topics include:

  • Coin circulation trends
  • Outsourcing trends
  • Payment trends
  • Branch automation trends
  • Vault management trends
  • Retail banking trends
  • Central banking trends
  • Retail cash management trends
  • Production trends
  • Recycling trends

Past Review Seminars:

  • Manila, Philippines, June 6-7, 2017
  • Bogotá, Colombia, 13-14 de junio, 2017
  • Mexico D.F., Mexico, June 28-29, 2016
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 17-18, 2015
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 17-18, 2014 (Co-Host: AB Securitas and Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL))
  • Lima, Peru, May 20-21, 2014 (Co-Host: Prosegur)
  • Santiago, Chile, April 23-24, 2013 (Co-Host: Prosegur)
  • Sydney, Australia, August 1-2, 2012 (Co-Hosts: RBA and Armaguard)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, June 28-29, 2012 (Co-Host: SBV)

Training Seminars

Currency Research has worked with local partners to create training seminars in specific locations to bring an international agenda and international presenters to a local audience. It is important to share the knowledge and experience that has been gained at a global level to regional and country specific audiences so they can use it within their organizations to better efficiencies and practices in our industry.

Asia Payments Connect

An online learning program

Open Banking forces banks towards a fundamental rethink of their traditional banking business model and at the same time enables banking to become more customer centric. Exchanging customer data will create a new eco-system for incumbents and new entrants and will for sure increase competition. More importantly, open banking will facilitate the creation of new products and services that were previously impossible to imagine. The possibilities are innumerable. This course will not only focus on technology and business changes but also will discuss and lay out scenarios for the future that Open Banking will create. New sources of revenue and new propositions will bring significant advantages .Also innovative banks have a real opportunity to challenge traditional banks looking at, for instance, the customer interface and therefore the customer relationship. The future of banking is far from certain. Understanding these swift developments and learning how to anticipate them is essential for bankers, regulators, and all key stakeholders in the financial services industry.

The “Open Banking >Transforming Banking & The Financial Industry” course is a 12-module online learning program for professionals actively involved with (transaction) banking and payments. Designed like an online MBA class, participants can learn online at their own pace following video lessons and participate in virtual classroom Q&A directly with lecturers Dr Michael Salmony and Paul Brisk. In a total of 4 weeks, participants will get a thorough understanding of what Open Banking is, and how this will impact the way we will transact, organize, initiate and process payments. 

Choose the perfect price from below and make sure to use our 10% discount code: CRSPECIAL


  • Online Only
  • 12 Modules
  • Reading Materials
  • Certification


  • Inclusive of two virtual classroom sessions
  • 12 Modules
  • Reading Materials
  • Certification