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We at Currency Research believe that communication and connection is key for our industry, especially during these difficult times. With our global access to you, our expert and specialized community, we are working to help ensure everyone can continue to benefit, learn and connect during this time. Because of this, we are currently offering a selection of webinars at no cost to help people stay connected and build up their knowledge base, ready for when the world can open up again. Please join us to learn, engage and connect with your global colleagues!

Partner Webinars

Partner Webinars

Due to the cancellation of The SUMMIT, The Payments Canada SUMMIT will be putting together a series of webinars discuss innovation, more change to happen and more moving of the needle towards faster, safer, ubiquitous payments.

June 23: Small Business Innovation

July 21: Paytechs in Canada

August 18: The dark side of payments

September 22: Managing through change

October 20: Consumer-directed finance

November 17: 2020 in review, 2021 opportunities

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